Forever Kids at Heart

What is SmartCare?

SmartCare is focused on mobile and web solutions that connect child care center owners, directors, teachers, and parents in real-time. SmartCare has all the features of child care management software (billing, scheduling, accounting, reporting, etc), but with a modern twist. A team of 50 people has logged 100,000 hours, made 500 center visits nationwide, and has spent $8.5M+ researching and meeting the needs of child care centers across the nation. SmartCare offers parents the ability to sign children in and out through a kiosk or mobile app. Mobile technology means a quicker and more efficient sign-in and sign-out experience. Parents can also pay tuition with a credit card or have payments automatically debited from their checking account through the mobile app. Parents can also get photos and updates in real-time, and even share them to Facebook and Twitter. SmartCare believes in providing great service to parents by offering unlimited support free of charge.