To give children the opportunity for assistance with homework, reading and tutoring so students can participate in extra-curricular activities by offering a stress-free option for parents' busy schedules.


            To provide a safe, educating, and entertaining atmosphere for our youth. 



The administration and staff at Forever Kids at Heart are united in their belief that all children:


  • Have the power to learn

  • Are eager to be successful

  • Can succeed in school and in life if given the proper resources and tools in their elementary & middle school years

No two students have exactly the same skills or learning style but given enough time and the right instruction, every child can learn. That’s why we create an individual learning plan for every child. Our plan will combine direct instruction, small-group work, and one-on-one tutoring in a way that works for your student.

We take a whole-child approach to elementary and middle school education. Teachers, administrators, and support staff work together to meet the intellectual, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of each and every child we serve.

In addition, as if our program wasn't AWESOME enough, besides providing homework and reading assistance and tutoring, here are few more "benefits" that we here at Forever Kids at Heart take pride in offering to our youth:

  • We celebrate BIRTHDAYS with baked goods and treats! (While still being aware of food allergies)
  • We celebrate ALL HOLIDAYS! We treat everyone equally and being educated on the differences in our beliefs is a great learning experience! Ex. Having a HALLOWEEN party with our students dressing up in their costume, decorating a Christmas tree, learning about other's celebrations, etc. 
  • We do not believe in participation trophies. We reward our students when they have awesome grades on tests/report cards or are just an overall great kid because they made a positive difference in someone else's life. These EARNED actions will be rewarded and not just because they were physically there while giving less than 100%. 
  • We teach our students basic life skills that they will ACTUALLY utilize in their life. Structure, organization and inter-personal relationships.

All of these life lessons listed above are just pieces of what is missing in our youth's education and upbringing. We are changing that and pride ourselves in being positive role models for your children so that they can teach the next generation. 

We are an Equal Opportunity Care Provider. Admissions, the provisions of services and referral of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English proficiency), age or sex.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 6:30am - beginning of the school day; end of school day - 5:30pm.

Inclement weather: Should the School Districts close or have a 2 hour delay, we will be open unless the weather poses an issue for our staff to come in. Please stay tuned to our website for updates as well as communication via email. We will be offering full day care for Act 80 (Professional Development) Days. The cost is $45 for the full day (instead of your regular daily tuition). Children are required to bring a bagged lunch. 



As your child's first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school.




We invite you to work with our staff to help students get all they can out of their elementary & middle school years.


Forever Kids at Heart